Raspberry Popping Pearls 3.2kg

Raspberry Popping Pearls 3.2kg
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Product Information

Packaging:3.2kg tub

3.2kg tub is approximately 64 servings per package, serving size 50g

Raspberry Popping Pearls, 3.2kg tub

Popping pearls, a.k.a. "popping boba" or "bursting boba", are a beverage sensation trending in Australia, Europe and Asia. Popping pearls are a simple and easy addition to quick-service restaurants because there are no preparing or cooking required. Serve these popping boba straight from the jar! Our Raspberry Popping Pearls are the most popular flavors in the Australian market.  Each popping pearl is about 90mm in diameter and bursts with flavorful fruit juices when bitten into. Product images may vary due to different packaging design, product remains the same as described.

  • Filled with strawberry juice
  • No cooking required
  • Vegan-friendly, gluten free, dairy-free

top quality brand

Made in Taiwan

  • Vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free
  • Only from premium ingredients
  • Contains both sweet and bit sour tropical fruit flavors

    INGREDIENTS : water, sugar, juice, seaweed extract,  potassium sorbate, malic acid, calcium lactate, FD&C Yellow No.40, lycopene 

    Popping pearls should not be mistaken for tapioca boba. They are more like siblings! Just like siblings they: have an identity apart from each other, originated from the same country Taiwan, and both make for an incredible food or drink topping!

    Today it's a topping phenomenon taking the bubble tea market in the Australia by storm. Tapioca Pearls originated from Taiwan and made its way to the Australia in the early 2000's. Once the tapioca pearls became a success, variations quickly followed. This is when the fruity flavorful sibling was born.

    Variety of Flavors

    Popping pearls, also known as popping boba or bursting boba are juicy balls of fruit juice flavor that pops in your mouth when consumed. Popping boba’s outer layer is made from seaweed extract, which makes for the perfect ingredient to hold the flavorful juices until they are ready to pop in the mouth. Unlike tapioca pearls, bursting boba comes in a variety of different flavors like: mango, strawberry, lychee, and even cantaloupe! Bursting boba’s large portfolio of flavors has made it possible for bubble tea connoisseurs to  add fun and flavor to their drink, and in return become a popular topping choice next to even boba!

    Going Mainstream

    Popping boba can be found in a number of popular US chains like Yogurtland, Pinkberry, Lollicup Fresh, and other yogurt or bubble tea shops. It’s commonly used to top frozen yogurt or has a topping for drinks like iced green tea. 

    No Cooking Required

    What makes popping pearls great, aside from it tasting great is the fact that it requires no cooking at all! Brands like YUMTREATS, offer them in resealable containers that can be served straight from the jar. Compared to tapioca pearls, who require cooking times of up to an hour and half before you are able to serve them.

    When popping pearls first came out it was a trend, but today it is more than that. It’s a bubble tea staple that is here to stay! Browse BUBBLETEA.COM.AU selection of popping pearls, and let us know in the comments down below which flavors you’ve enjoyed!

    Product CodeRASPPOP32
    Chargeable Weight4kg

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